By: Courtney Kobos and Keira Byno

Nurse's Name- Karol Flowers

Karol has a Texas Nursing License that must be renewed every two years.

Extension Number- 5337

All forms allowing medicine to be taken must be signed by a parent and or physician.
*Controlled substances must be signed by a docter.
*All medications must be in the original container and not expired

Mrs. Flowers arrives at 7:30 and leaves between 3:45 and 4

There must be vaccination records on file for every student.
*immunization letter must be mailed
*certain shots are required for different ages
*the health department comes multiple times a year to give vaccines

Notifying the nurse of an illness is not required, but is helpful to notice what sicknesses are going around.
*students need to be fever and vomit free for 24 hours before returning to school

Some students are seen on a regular basis for medication depending on the situation.
*accomidations will be made.
*accomidations also made for children with special needs