How many books are checked out a year?
Who works at the CTMS Library?

See the CTMS library home page. How many chairs are in the Library? You should count them! :)
How many books are in the Library?

How many fiction books are in the Library?
How many Non-Fiction books are in the Library?

How many computers does the Library have? 16 student computers, 4 student laptops
How many shelves does the Library have? count them if you want to know! :)
How many globes does the Library have?

In addition, there are about 150 story collection titles, nearly 5,000 non-fiction books, and 775 reference books.
How many Electronic resources does the Library have?
Mrs. Brem needs to answer these questions.

In 2010 there were 10,028 Total Circulations.
In 2009 there were 14,361 Total Circulations.
The lowest Total Circulations was 3,377 TC 2004.