Some of the GT Teachers are Mrs.Cato,Mrs.Mishoe,and Mrs.Wied,Ms Moxley
What does GT teach differently? They teach in a wider spectrum of teaching other than teaching basics.
What does GT stand for? Gifted & Talented
Is There different homework for GT than normal or PAP? Different because they use more complex ideas but not less or more work.
What are some of the special programs in GT? The have the future problem solvers and for 8th grade has global problem solvers.
Do they have GT classes for every subject like math,science,spelling,and language arts? Yes but they recently added math and science.
When did the 678th grade gt programs start?The 7th grade started in 2001 8th grade started in 2002-2003 6th started in 2003-2004
The GT program is a evolved program for above average students.The GT program started for 7th grade students then it was added to 8th and 6th curriculum. started in 2001 8th started in 2002-2003 6th started in 2003-2004. The homework is not different work wise but they use more complex ideas.Some of the GT teachers are Ms. Moxley, Ms. Wied, Mrs.Cato, and Mrs.Mishoe.They have language arts,Reading, and they just added Math and Science.

  • Interview Mrs. Wied about the CMPS projects between 2003- 2006
  • Look on the FPS website for info on the future problem solving
  • have a small section on scenario writing
  • list under grades an include events like VIP (6th) jane long (7th) Constitutional Convention (8th)
  • get pictures for these events