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What is ISS?

In School Suspension is a classroom environment that is strict, structured and isolating for students who have violated the student code of conduct at Cross Timbers Middle School. When a student is assigned ISS, they are given a packet to complete that emphasizes taking responsibility for their errors in judgment. Students assigned ISS are expected to comply with the ISS Rules and complete all assignments sent by their teachers before they will be released from ISS.

How is the ISS teacher?

Mrs. Gallagher is the ISS teacher. She has been the ISS teacher at CTMS since 2007.
Mrs. Gallagher
Mrs. Gallagher

What are the ISS rules?

ISS Rules

1. When assigned ISS, the student will report to F-4 each day by 8 am. Tardies are not acceptable

2. The student is to keep all electronics (cell phones, ipods, games, etc.) in his/her locker or give them to the ISS teacher at the beginning of the day. They will be locked up and returned to the student without a fine at the end of the day. If the student is found with any electronic equipment later, that equipment will be confiscated and handed in to the office for a fine.

3. The student will come to ISS with necessary binders, worksheets, paper, pens, books, sack lunches, etc. No visits to lockers will be permitted during the day. There are basic supplies and books in ISS for assignments.

4. The teacher will assign each student to a specific seat while in ISS. Any change in seating will be at the teacher’s discretion.

5. The student will sit in an upright position in the chairs and will face toward the back of his/her desk. The student will not place his/her head on the desk or appear to be sleeping.

6. If a student has a question for the ISS teacher, the student is to raise his/her hand and wait for the teacher to approach their desk and give permission to speak. Under no circumstances is the student to speak or make noises or get out of his/her seat without permission.

7. No gum or snacks are permitted in ISS.

8. No drawing is permitted in ISS unless it is specifically related to an assigned task.

9. The teacher will hand out work assignments to the student. The student will begin working immediately and continue to work until the assignment is completed or the teacher takes up the work. The student is to indicate that the work is done by raising his/her hand. The student will work on all assignments given by the ISS teacher, even if it has not been assigned by his/her classroom teacher. If the student did not put forth a best effort on the assignment, the ISS teacher will return it to the student to re-do.

10. It is the student’s responsibility to work on assigned tasks and to complete assignments in a timely fashion to the best of his/her ability.

11. No communication is allowed between any other student, including students entering the room and students passing in the hallways, while in ISS. This includes talking, passing written notes, making eye contact, etc.

12. 15 minutes before A Lunch, students will be walked to the SAC to get a lunch tray. Only regular lunch menu items are permitted, no snack items (this includes chips, ice cream, or pizza, unless it is on the regular menu). Only white milk, juice, or water is permitted, no chocolate or strawberry milk. Students will return to the ISS room to eat lunch at their desks. It is ok to bring a sack lunch from home but it must be brought to ISS at the start of the school day. Students in ISS must get something to eat, if he/she refuses a cheese sandwich and white milk will be provided at no charge.

13. Restroom breaks are at 10 am and 1:30pm only (unless otherwise indicated by the teacher). Students will line up outside the restrooms in an orderly manner as directed by the teacher. Only one student at a time will be permitted to enter a restroom. The student will not linger in the restroom. He/she may get a drink of water at this time as well. This is the only time they can leave the line. No talking in the hallway is permitted. The student is not allowed to communicate with anyone in the hallway, except the ISS teacher, after raising his/her hand and getting permission to speak.

14. While a student is assigned ISS, he/she is not permitted to participate in any extracurricular activities. That includes any activities that occur after school on any day the student is in ISS, even the final day of ISS.

15. Students will not make any intentional marks on the desk, any wall , or bulletin boards. This is considered vandalism!



The front office is the place for administration, attendence, and directing to any other services. This is the place where your parents take you out of class, if you need to, or if they need to volunteer. They can get one of the three stickers that say volunteer. For attendence, the State of Texas allows no more that 10% abseenteism during a school year. According to the front office staff, all absences are unexcused other than a religious holiday or a documented appointment with a health care professional. Once a student has accemulated more than 18 days of unexcused absences in a year, the student will be required to make up the time in Saturdat School. The GCISD has institured these guidelines for multiple student absences.

9 absences or 3 days in a monthe period- CTMS Asst. Principal sends letter

15 absences- 2nd letter, student makes up absences.
18 absences- Superontendent sends letter about making up missed school

Who is the attendance clerk?

Mrs. Ware is the attendance clerk.

What about the front desk?

There are many volunteers as well as office aids manning the desk.

Can you hall passes here?

Yes, you can if you are not that late in arriving to school. You can also get absence passes here too.


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Kim Ware, Front Office

Mrs. Gallagher, ISS teacher

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