football game
The four coaches for our Cross Timbers Middle School are coach gott, coach Mooney, coach Krause, coach Lentz.

  • We will talk to the coaches and interview them for their knowledge and facts about the football program.
  • We will look at the trophies our football team have received for their championships.
  • We will interview Mrs.Tidmore and Mr. Boyd to see how the football program was founded.
  • Who has led us to victory and has the most football records?

How many championships have we won?

Were the coaches’ part of or coached a football team before now?

who there coaches before them?
coach vaughn

Has there been progress since they started?

what grades were on the team?
8th and 7th grade

What are the average scores per game? Is it bellow or above average?

When did Cross Timbers football start?

How many trophies did they get?
How many players are there?

How many games did they win in the past seasons

Who is the head coach?
coach mooney

Do you have to have a certain grade average?
non failing

what was their football team like when this was a ninth grade school?

dear coach mooney,

i am doing a reading project for Mrs. cato i need to know what the football team was like when this was a ninth grade school?

from Cameron Golwitzer


the head coach for the cross timbers football team is coach Mooney.he has been our head coach for several years.also the other coaches are coach gott, and coach lentz. before coach mooney, the head coach was coach vaghn.the football team was founded in 1996 when the school was made. in the past seasons we have won 14 be on the football team you can't fail any classes. the only grades that can play on the teamis 7th and 8th grade.

Grapevine Middle School vs Cross Timbers MS 8th Grade Football from Bill Whitmore on Vimeo.