Who went here and graduated and became famous? Lindsey Black and Demi Lovato.
What does the word alumni mean? Alumni means someone who graduated from a certain school
What class did they take that lead them to their future? Demi and Lindsey took Mr.O's class(chior) and we think one of them took Drama.
What are they famous for? Demi is famous for acting and singing and Lindsey is famous for acting.
When did they come here? Demi came in 2004 and left in 2007. Lindsey graduated in 2004 were not entirely sure when she came.
Why did they decide to come here? I believe Demi's older sister, Dallas Lovato, came here soshe decided to come here as well. Lindsey probably came here because it was the closest place to home and she wanted to try out a public school since she went to a private school all the way until her eighth grade year.
How do they feel about this school and what did they like about it? They both probably liked the Drama and Chior class.

My Research plan to find my information is to ask the Elective teachers like Mrs. Lemmon (art), Mr. O, (choir), Mr. Burk or Mrs. McCraken (band), and Mrs. U (drama). I hope to interview them and look through old yearbooks to see what years they came here and when they graduated. I will look for this information when i can like during my frist period or wolf pack time if they're free.
Demetria "Demi" Lovato in the sixth grade

Demi in choir class

Demi Lovato came here to Cross Timbers Middle school from 2004-2007. As a singer/songwriter and an actress, she started out as Charlotte Adams on, As the Bell Rings, on Disney Channel. Soon she left and did her first major role in a movie, Camp Rock, known as Mitchie Torres, also on Disney Channel. Now she has a constant TV show, Sonny with a Chance, known as Sonny Munroe. Some other movies are Princess Protection Program and now working on Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. One class that she took here, that is shown above, is Acapella Choir. We're not sure what other electives she took but Choir was what got her started on her career. We belive her older sister, Dallas Lovato, came here too. As Demi came, Lindsey left.
Lindsey Black, another Famous Alumni, came here in the eighth grade then went on to show buisness. After going to a private school she came to Cross Timbers she then shortly left after her first play, Aladdin, and became famous. She's known for a hit short TV show, As The Bell Rings. When Demi left her part, Charlotte Adams, Lindsey came and replaced her as her cousin, Lexi Adams.(As Shown Below.)
Lindsey Black from As the Bell Rings
Lindsey Black

Dear Mr. O,
In Mrs. Cato’s Language Art’s class we are updating the Cross Timbers Wikipedia article. My job is to add information about Famous Alumni. I know Lindsay Black and Demi Lovato, but there are probably others. I would like to ask you some questions about our famous alumni. Are you free during first period? If not, when would be a good time to come speak with you? If you would prefer, I can email you the questions as well.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Vera Tapleshay


Dear Mr.Burk
In my language arts class we are creating a web page called a wiki about CROSS TIMBERS And we need YOUR help to make it.The subject is FAMOUS ALUMNI (famous students that went here) And we need to know if you or any other teachers have had any famous students before. If you could possibly tell us about other teachers who have had any FAMOUS ALUMNI. Also we need to Know all the names of the famous students for example DEMI LAVOTO.well thanks for the help Mr.Burk.

Samuel Hodges