8th grade boys
8th grade girls
7th grade boys
7th grade girls
South zone '00
Meet of champions '00
gcisd champions 96
east zone champions 02
Meet of champions '00
gcisd champions '02
region champions 97
GCISD champions 02-03
east zone champions '02
meet of champions 00
eastzone champions 06-07
East zone '02
meet of champions '02
south zone champions 00
GCISD champions 06-07
Meet of champions '02-'03
east zone champions 05-06
east zone champions 01

GCISD '02-'03
meet of champions 05-06
GCISD champions 02

West zone champions '02-'03
meet of champions 06-07
east zone champions 02

East zone champions '05-'06

meet of champions 02

East zone champions '06-'07

GCISD champions 02-03

west zone champions 02-03

west zone champions 03-04

GCISD champions 06-07

east zone champions 06-07
meet of champions 06-07

What is Cross Country? A chance to run long distances off track.
What do you do? We run off track and run against other in meets.
How does it differ from track? For the most part it is a distance ranging anywhere from 1-3miles and it is also done off track rather than on.
When are practices? Practices are Monday and Thursday after school and Tuesday and Friday after school.
Who are/is the coach(es)? Coach has for the past years has been Coach Mooney but has this year been switched to Coach Schroeder.
When are the Cross Country meets? Meets are every Wednesday. Meets are when our school goes and competes against other school all around the district and city.
How do you win a meet? Meets have a type of point system. Points are given to the top 5 A team runners in each school. The closer to first a runner gets the more points a team gets. The school with the most points wins.
Who does Cross Country? Cross country is for boys and girls in both 7th and 8th grades.
What is the difference between A and B team? A team is the top seven kids in your group (7th boys, 8th boys, 7th girls, 8th girls) and run in a more advanced group in a meet. A team are also the runners who give points to a team.

Cross country is a running event event, similar track, but involves running off track and off campus. Cross timbers cross country competes in meets that range from district meets to zone meets. Cross timbers usually has a very successful cross country program, winning multiple awards. Cross country does not require you to be in top physical condition because only the very top members count towards points in a meet. Cross country is a good way to keep fit.


By:Benjamin O.

and Tim H.