​When did they start? Art club started since 1996 or 1997.
What grades are they for? All clubs are for any grades, Spirit club any grades but mostly 6 graders.
Do they seem to enjoy the clubs? Yes they do enjoy most of the clubs.
How many clubs are there? There is at least three that we reaserched but there is more that we quait couldent get to.
When are the clubs? Art club is mondays every two weeks. Spirit club, it depends usually fridays.
Do they do them every year? Art club usually yes. iGrow this 2010 was the first year as was the spirit club.
What do you do in the clubs? Art: they do projects sculpting painting. iGrow: they do stuff to help the school and they recycle they recentley built a green house for the school and have started a cooking class. Spirit club: they attend the football, volleyball, and other games to cheer for them, and they make signs that say who are in the team.
How many students join them as in the average students who are in them every year? For spirit club the average for this year was 60-70 students.
Have any famouse people been in them?
Do you have any field trips? No fieldtrips for spirit club, or art club but igrow goes to different schools
What subjects are they over? Well art club is about art and spirit club and igrow are not over any school involved subject.
Do they help the school? Yes igrow does help the school by having foundraisers. And spirit club helps by cheering at games.
Does it include toutoring? No neither of the clubs involve toutoring.
Do they cost money? iGrow does spent some money like on their recent project of building a green house and they have started cooking class so they must buy supplies thet are neccessary.
Who can join them? They are for all grades.
Do they have homework? For art sometimes when they are studying about famouse people. iGrow and spirit club do not have hmk involved it is just an activity a club.
Are parents involved? For art and spirit club no the parents are not involved. For iGrow yes parents are involved.
Do they take up class time? Spirit club and art club do not take up class time but igrow does they take field trips to different schools to teach about their clubs.
Do they have any partys? no noy usually. iGrow has not had any perties but soon they will have.
Do the students have to do any physical stuff? No they do not need to any physical stuff.
How long are they? Most of the clubs are about an hour long if not longer.
Do they need any supplies? Well yes but the students do not have to supply them.
Do they work hard? Yes they do alot they have fun but behave.
Have they won anything? No clubs do not rally compete in any kind of competition.
Do they have shirts representing the club? the spirit club does have t shirts that represent the club. art does not have t shirt but iGrow does have a t shirt too.
What days are the clubs? spirit club usually has it on fridays. art usually has it every two mondays
What type of students will be interested to join them? every type of student they all like participating in those clubs.
How long have they been doing the clubs? since the school had begun.
Have they competed with any other clubs from gcisd? no their is no competition between clubs.
Have they had any problems? not so far with art, and spirit club. iGrow has some bad weather days.

*we will ask the teachers in charge and maybe the principalsand also counselers.
*we will do the reaserch during wolf pack time or before and after school.
*ask them the questions that we came up with.
*maybe find info in past yearbooks with pics in them and look at the schools website.
*we will get the info by asking questions.

our paragraph

Their are many interesting clubs in cross timbers middle school. Including art, spirit club, and iGrow. Dont worry these clubs do not have homework! Kids enjoy them alot. every grade 6 through 8 grade can join them. If you are interested in these clubs the right place to go would be Cross Timbers middle school. The art club started between 1996 and 1997. Spirit club along with iGrow started this year 2010. Parents are sometimes involved with iGrow but not the other clubs. Art club is every two weeks on mondays. Spirit club is usually on fridays. And iGrow it depends. For spirit club they get front row seats for the pep rallys. Art club is about doing sculptures, paintings, and many other artistic things. iGrow helps the school by encouruging the students to recycle at home and school. They have recently build a greenhouse. Spirit club attends football. volleyball, and basketball games to cheer for them. And they make posters and signs that say encouregment. Most clubs are about an hour long if not longer. The clubs have not so far had any problems except for iGrow which experienced some bad weather days. These clubs are awesome according to students who are in them or have been in them.