black.jpglindsey black came to ctms and she was on the show as the bell rings 300px-Lexi.pngshe came to cross timbers middle school !!!!DemiL_choir.jpgdemi lavato
demi lavato

Demi lavato: Demi Lavato was here in 2005 she was in concert choir and she thought it was an amazing program/class

· Linsey black. : she is now 18 years old doing a show on Disney called as the bell rings she said that it was truly amazing and helped her a lot.
· pictures :
· teachers :
· performance
· different choir: We have Concert Choir for all 6th Graders, and many choirs for 7th/8th grade, depending on their singing ability.
· famous people: We've had many famous performers in Cross Timbers Choirs. Former choir member Nichola Kouzes has become a very popular local singer, performing at the Grapevine Opry and Johnny High's Country Music Revue. She's also appeared in the Dallas Morning News, Texas Monthly, and on CBS News. Sarah Diviney, another CTMS graduate, has performed in local country venues like Billy Bob's and has recorded some in Nashville. Carly Waddell went to New York University to study Musical Theatre and has performed Off-Broadway. Michael Bird went from Cross Timbers to the Booker T. Washington School for the Visual and Performing Arts and was a featured dancer in a production with the Dallas Symphony. And Alissa Koonce, a former student, is now Alissa Taylor, a finalist for the Dallas Opera....and one of our voice teachers!
· what year had the most kids in choir: Every year, we seem to grow. Our choir enrollment is usually 120+ singer.
· what are voice ranges: We have singers who can go from very high (Soprano) to very low (Bass) and everything in between.
· do you have any competitions: All choirs compete in the Spring. 7th/8th grade groups go to UIL as well as a festival in May. 6th Grade gets to compete at the Sandy Lake FunFest, where they usually do well (last year, we were best in class). And all choir students get a chance to compete individually with solo performance.
· what do they get graded on : Choir students are graded on vocal technique: tall mouth shape, space in the back of your mouth (raised soft palette), and relaxed jaw. They are also graded on how well they learn their notes (quartet singing) as well as how they learn to read music (solfege).
· when are the confrences
· how long has the teachers worked there: I have been teaching here since Cross Timbers opened 14 years ago. They are only a few teachers left who have been here that long.
· is there only one choir teacher : yes and it is Mr.Oberlander (but we get a lot of help from our voice teachers, Ms. Taylor and Ms. Williams, as well as our accompanist, Ms. Tate.)
· what kinds of songs do you sing : we sing pop, jazz,r&b, classical,country, basically all types
· do you change the uniform threw out the year: no we do not we either wear a suit shirt and a black skirt or pants or choir shirt and blue jeans
· what awards have the choir students won: We've won lots of awards, both as a choir and as individual singers.
· when is the next programs: We will have our Spring Concert in May. It will be an "80's" Show!

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