Dear Mrs. Lemmon and Mrs. Hubenak,

I'm doing some research in Art, and if it ok for you to answer these questions.

What are the teachers' names in Art? Mrs. Lemmon/Mrs. Hubenak.
What are the famous artists that went to CTMS in Art?
Is there GT,Pre-Ap, or regular classes in Art? Yes Just no GT.

What are some field trips in Art? Amon Carter Museum and the Modern Art Museum in Ft. Worth

What is the Art Club? Making crafts?
What are some techniques you learn in Art?
What are the famous people that we will learn about in Art?
What is the Intro to Art,Exploratpry Elective, Art1, or Art2? Intro to Art is A Full Year of Art, Exploratpry Elective is 1 sminster, Art1 is for 7th graders, and Art2 is for 8th graders.
Is there homework in Art class? Sometimes when learning famous people.
What are some fundrais? Sell Cookie Dough
When did Art first start at CTMS? When CTMS was first started.
What projects are done in Art?
Have any students won awards in Art? Yes
How many people are in Art? About 250 students.

Maybe I should ask the Art teachers and some students during Wolf Pack to ask them most of all the questions on this page(maybe not a good idea but still) And still some questions are being answer right down so please wait.

P.S Dear Jack Grant,
We don't trust you on editing this page. :)


Tachers of Art are Mrs.Lemmon and Mrs.Hubenak. About 250 students go to Art each year. If you join Art, you will be given these checies Pre-Ap or regular classes, also there is Intro To Art,is 1 year tern in Art, Exploratpry Elective,is 1 sminster tern, Art1 is for 7th grade, and Art2 is for 8th grade. Some of the techniques are still beign answer just here for checkmark and so for the projects are still being answer. What they are also going to learn than tehanqies is also some famous people which are still being answer. Sorry. Here are field trips in Art, Amon Carter Museum and Modern Art Museum in Ft. Worth. Of couse with all this things to buy the students will be doing the fun fundrasier, the most noince fundrasier is the Cookie Dough which starts at the begain of the school year(really somewhere in the second months of school). But if you want to join Art or get a hand on a paintbrush you can join the Art Club, where you can make some Art projects and lean more about Art. Anyone can join the Art Club. The Art Club ususual meets twice every 1 month through the whole year.

Thank you for reading this passpage
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